#1 App Review : Animal Bakery…new or just another restaurant game?

5 Nov

Hello! everyone…

This is my first app review and It’s all from my perspective. I love to play games…all kind of games and about a month ago I just came across this.

At first I thought it’s just another dump restaurant game(that I always download and deleted after a few week later) but after play it for a while I’m so addicted to this game ‘coz of the new cute fresh baked that smell & look lovely in the game.

This game is easy to play the rule is simple : bake, serve, get the money & decorate your shop. At first I’m not sure where to get start ‘coz I don’t have any friend who play this game but gamewave makes it all SO EASY & ENJOYABLE to play. You can find all the players who play this game from the community icon and add them as your neighbor to send a gift, give a tips and hire them to help at your shop. May be some of you didn’t get the picture so done with talking…see it for yourself. ^^

Beautiful graphic! Look How lovely!!! Cute little animal all over the shop. The melody in the game still CUTE! When you got the COMBO, the animal will dance & playing music.

Let’s Dance!

Let’s take a closer look at the food, the animal, the decoration. It’s such a perfectly CUTE! How adorable! and when you keep playing, you will found new animal that keep appearing.

All the food in this game look AMAZING! I really want to bake a lovely dessert like this!

 I’ll give this game a perfect five !!! You guyz deserve it!

Why this game got this star?

1. The nice cute adorable graphic.

2. Easy to play.

3. The song in the game is wonderful.

I don’t think nothing more to say…just play it!


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