Happy Black Friday ; Happy LBD

26 Nov


Even Black Friday passed but all the shopping still continued ‘coz the festive not over yet. We still have Christmas eve & New Year to come! So hold on to your wallet tight!

This is like a month now that I was stuck @home ‘coz of the flood crisis. Today the water start to dried out and that’s a good sign! I might actually can go to work by next week but we still have to wait & see.

In Thailand, we don’t have Black Friday so best thing I can do was shopping on the internet but I’m kind of enjoy it. About couple years ago I went to London & went on shopping on the Boxing Day…It’s CRAZY! I can imagine myself on the boxing ring! It’s super crazy, crowded in every store.

Talking about something black…I can ensure you that in every closet, the dress must have…is LBD (Little Black Dress) Not just the shopping spree that still coming but also the party. So if you can’t figure it out what to wear…just put your LBD on!

I love all the dress I own, can’t decide which one is my fave LBD!

Have fun,



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