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#4 App Review Monday : for the luv of Craftgawker

28 Nov

Hello lovely reader,

Today I’m kind of starting to get bored a little bit. A lot of new project going on & on & on in my head. What am I going to do when I’m getting bored? Well…I just logged in to “Craftgawker” to absorbed the inspiration.

Need some inspiration, you sure come to the right place!

   credit : wastemoretimeonline

Bunch of incredible artists are here! You can find all the awesome DIY & handmade stuff.

Check out the web : or you can take it with you

  credit : modishlydelishblog

You can get it from app store. I think it really can help in so many ways from inspiration to your emotion. Every time I felt down & bored, I always logged in to craftgawker & I got a bright smile on my face in sudden from the lovely & inspired stuff. It make me realize that there are a beautiful thing in this world.

Be inspired

Have fun,



#3 App Review Monday : Fashion is all around

21 Nov


What was the thing that you just did recently? watching tv., reading books, reading magazine? All I said is most of the things that I do. At these days “TECH” is all around us. We can do most of the things on the phone! Isn’t that GREAT! We don’t even have to go to the book store or keep watching the fashion shows on the tv. anymore ‘coz we have all the apps that can provided you, right there in your hand.

  1. Fashionfreax : Carried fashion in your hand! with all the hot street style looks. This is the first fashion app on my iphone. you can also check their web @
  2. Fashiolista : Another fashion app. All most every stuff you ever dream of…is here! Shared the cute little thing you like with others. Found the stuff in the net that you like? just click & shared with the world. you can also check their web @
  3. Trendstop : Why wasting your time try to catch up with the fashion trend from all the runway that you practically can’t keep up? The best way is…make it STOP! right here…in your hand. You can see the new runway collection from your beloved designer. you can also check their web @
  4. Stulio : Another snap style app. Mostly from japan. So this is the best way that you can check out the Asian style. you can also check their facebook @
  5. Stylish Girl : Keep your enemy close but keep your closet closer! This app is like a swiss knife for me! Keep tracking my clothes, my wish list, what to wear day by day, thing to go along with my vacation and so much more!

Have fun girl! 😉

#2 App Review Monday : For all the couch potatoes

14 Nov

Morning Sunshine,

For my breakfast 🙂

This is the third weeks that I stuck in the house ‘coz the flood…boring as usual but I always find some stuff to do…such as…watching tv. Yeah! This’s the topic of the review today.

I have to say that I watch bunch of the shows lately, some are good, some are bad but if I have to pick…My choice of the show that I’m addicted right now are…

These are six of my favorite shows at this very moment. But WHAT is the fun part if you are just watching but not sharing? So that why all these apps I’ll talk about today are coming handy.


  1.  Miso : Why watching alone while a thousand people watching with you? This social network app will post on your facebook and twitter. The fun part is It’ll send your activities alert to your friend phone, earn some badge & participated in the poll about the current episode you are watching
    *strong point : you can checkin with the current episode you are watching*
  2.  GetGlue : Another tv social network app that let you check in not just what are you watching but listening, reading, playing even thing you are thinking about! *strong point : you can earn a badge from your favorite tv show* 
  3.  MyTvShows : Sometimes when we watch a lot of tv shows, you can lost tracking what episode did you just watch? Now the problem solve with this app. 
  4.  Fringe Glyph Decoder : LOL This one is a geek app for the fan of fringe tv series! It’ll make a huge fun while you are watching. Try it on the next episode and pls. let me know what you got.
I can’t tell what I enjoy the most from watching the tv series but one thing I can say…You can get more you can think of.
Have fun, luv you XOXO