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Scooby 70s Doooo

13 Nov

Hello lovely reader ^^

Please tell me…who is not love the scooby doo show? I’m the one that “love” the show! It’s cute, funny & always has a mind blowing at the end everytime (but some time I can guess ;p) But one thing that made the show so unique is the way that it represents the 70s. You can see from the out fit & I’m some kind of the 70s girls ‘coz I still in love with the fashion from that ere.

The new project from IFB (Independent Fashion Blogger) really made me go through my closet. I’ve a mix style in my closet but something really stood up in there is…my maxi dress!!! I love maxi-dress. It’s cute & comfortable to wear.

“By 1970 women chose who they wanted to be and if they felt like wearing a short mini skirt one day and a maxi dress, midi skirt or hot pants the next day – that’s what they did.” By Pauline Weston Thomas for Fashion-Era.com

It’s so funny that the 70’s girl are so much like the gemini girl! They was known back then as a “hippie”. I think because of their life are “happy”! Anyway cut of the chit-chat and let’s take a look at the photos.

And now the poka-dots is back “in” trend again.
Must have for this season!

The finale dress of this post goes to…Maxi-dress!!!

credit : the picture of 70’s fashions are from fashion-pictures.com

Whatever the fashion decades you are into…just have fun & proudly wearing your dress! Remember…being yourself is most important part in fashion.

Cheers to all 70’s GIRL!!! XOXO