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Let’s get Lost in the Wonderland!

30 Nov

Inspired by Alice in the Wonderland 🙂

Where is the white rabbit? I don’t wanna be late for the tea party! 😉

Ahhh…Just in time!



For my DIY Headband :CLICK:

Have fun in the Wonderland



#3 DIY Project : “hEARTs” playing cards headband

30 Nov

This is one of my favorite children books of all times! I love Alice, her bravery filled full every imagination. I always get inspired by the whole story 🙂


Heart playing cards Headband“Hearts” Playing cards Headband

Materials :

  1. White felt 
  2. Red marker 
  3. Red acrylic paint 
  4. Sewing machine
  5. Elastic 
  6. Scissors 

First, start to draw a playing card pattern (for me 2 x 3 cm.) just draw the size that looks fit to your head then cut the felt (I use 12 pieces) & cut the elastic (for me 15 cm.) The length is depend on how big your head is.

Second, back to our little clean playing cards, use the red marker to draw the heart then let it dried for a while. After it completely dried, sew it together and paint the red paint on the hearts to make it POP! The last part is sew the elastic attach to the end of both sides of the card. Walla!

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Have fun in the Wonderland