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Foodilicious – All the love for pastry

8 Nov


This is the second weeks that I was stuck in my house. I try to think positive as possible that I was on vacation on my private island…except the fact that the water around my house is getting stinky & putrid (yike >.<)

Anyway I’m the person who love to cook but most of all I love to make a dessert. All the pastry is my personal obsession. I love the smell of vanilla & the sweetness of its taste. According that I was stuck here and we’ll have to save all the food for the entire family till the next month so I have to come up with something that easy to make…that is…

It’s the easiest pie ever! just crush the biscuits, mix with butter, bake for a few minute. For the cream cheese : mix cream cheese with lime & sweetened condensed milk when you got a really nice creamy texture, pour in on the crushed biscuit & put some fruit or whatever you like on top…wolla ^^ but Don’t forget to exercise though!

If you love food, I’ll recommend you these apps :

  1. Picdish : For the food lover to share their interest & passion with people all over the world.
  2. Foodspotting : Be like a small Michelin guide book for the restaurant near by. Except you are the one who gave the star!
  3. Wongnai (Thai Only) : App for thai people to help add suggestion about the restaurant in Thailand and now they have such a cute campaign called “Evacuee Wongnai” for the people who have to evacuate from the flood crisis area to the country side. I like the idea ^^.
And for the cute cooking game I like “Cooking Mama” & “Animal Bakery”
Talking about my passionate about cooking. This thing is also inspired me in some other way…
These are my two cute pastry dress! I got it from the market fair (JJ2, Kaset Uni. market)
From the top left : cute little cake set (earrings & necklace) I got from the market fair as well, All that dessert key holders (from gachapon booth at the shopping mall), Hello kitty ice cream parfait (It’s a pen actually) and cute pink pastry mug that I got from Harrods about three years ago!
Hope you guys got the inspiration from all these sweets like I have and you will know…Life is so SWEET!

#1 App Review : Animal Bakery…new or just another restaurant game?

5 Nov

Hello! everyone…

This is my first app review and It’s all from my perspective. I love to play games…all kind of games and about a month ago I just came across this.

At first I thought it’s just another dump restaurant game(that I always download and deleted after a few week later) but after play it for a while I’m so addicted to this game ‘coz of the new cute fresh baked that smell & look lovely in the game.

This game is easy to play the rule is simple : bake, serve, get the money & decorate your shop. At first I’m not sure where to get start ‘coz I don’t have any friend who play this game but gamewave makes it all SO EASY & ENJOYABLE to play. You can find all the players who play this game from the community icon and add them as your neighbor to send a gift, give a tips and hire them to help at your shop. May be some of you didn’t get the picture so done with talking…see it for yourself. ^^

Beautiful graphic! Look How lovely!!! Cute little animal all over the shop. The melody in the game still CUTE! When you got the COMBO, the animal will dance & playing music.

Let’s Dance!

Let’s take a closer look at the food, the animal, the decoration. It’s such a perfectly CUTE! How adorable! and when you keep playing, you will found new animal that keep appearing.

All the food in this game look AMAZING! I really want to bake a lovely dessert like this!

 I’ll give this game a perfect five !!! You guyz deserve it!

Why this game got this star?

1. The nice cute adorable graphic.

2. Easy to play.

3. The song in the game is wonderful.

I don’t think nothing more to say…just play it!

For the luv of the phone sake…

29 Oct

I just got “her” for almost two years now and since we first met…I can say she’s my new BFF! I really don’t care about the color of the phone…black or white doesn’t matter ‘coz I can made them to be mine…to be specific is The phone always represent the owner personality & that’s why I luv my phone ^^.

My Iphone case made of  plastic in milky pink color (soft & sweet color) with a clear sparkling crystal in front of the case and in the back as you can see…I put some red hood girl instead of apple logo…WHY?…coz I like it this way…logo or no logo, ppl still can notice that this’s an iphone not samsung. Anyway…I like this girl sticker though…It’s kind of look like me LOL.

But after use it for a while…I just know…something is missing and…I found this…

It’s a Jewelis Swarovski Piercing for Smartphones Made out of real
Swarovski Zirconia stone 
that I found at Strapya World Site and it makes my phone look just PERFECT! A lot of ppl (just a girl of course) love my phone…some of my friend (guy of course) thought it looks stupid & too much but I don’t care. She is mine & my BFF ^^.


 Look how beautiful it is!
credit : Strapya World

  As you know that Iphone didn’t have a charm hanger like some other phone so this kind of make a great substitute. All the dress up that I made for my phone came from a lot of stuff that inspire me…such as the color of the case…I love PINK so I choose this sweet color same as the Swarovski’s earphone jack and all the blink that because I kind of love the dazzling & glamorous style.

And this is all I have on my lovely phone. Hope you guyz like it though ^^.