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10 things I am thankful for

22 Nov

Hello lovely reader,

Thanksgiving is coming! As for my case, I never celebrate the thanksgiving ‘coz I’m a buddhist but I always have something to thanks for…We have one life to bring good thing to the world so I always appreciated.

This is like a “Mirror of Fame” on my makeup table 🙂

  1. My Family : I know that nobody is PERFECT! including my own family but we always have each other. I’m always thankful for have such an incredible, supportive & lovable family! 🙂 I love you guy!

  2. My Sister : once said “How do people make it through life without a sister?” I mean…seriously! It’s totally true. She always be so supportive to me. Even we always had a fight when we were kid (about a million years ago!) She’s older than me 7 years that’s why we were distance in the childhood but I know that…she always got my back.
  3. My House : The roof above my head that I always thankful & grateful for everyday! It always reminded me of the hard work my mom & dad went through and a lot of stuff. We have a beautiful house that I can called “HOME”.
  4. Flood Crisis : It’s almost like 4 months since the flood attacked Thailand & We are all became a flood victims! About thousand people lost their home & almost 600 people were killed. I knew you guyz might think I’m crazy to thankful of such a thing but everything has two sides. I can’t leave home for like a month so I can spend more quality time with my family longer, remind me about how much I love to write, we can see though people when the awful thing happen, unity is important in the country and I know we will survive this disaster. PRAY FOR THAILAND

  5. Camera : “Picture can speak 1000 words” so I’m thankful for this thing to keep my memory alive. I always saw a beautiful & magical thing though the lens.

  6. Eyeliner : I swear I can’t live without it! I’m so addicted to it. I love the way it makes my eyes pop!

  7. Lip gloss : I love lip gloss! My lip always dry so I have no idea how can I survive without this stuff?!

  8. BB Cream : This is definitely one of the precious things I can’t live without!

  9. Mineral Makeup : who ever invented it…I’m so thankful! My skin is so sensitive since I came across this product, my skin looks really better.
  10. My Life : I’m happy with my life. I have a nice job & my lovely blog & a lot of nice people in my life! Thank you 🙂

I wish you guys a very happy thanksgiving ever! Spend times with family should be the first priority in your list.