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#2 DIY Project : Earrings Lover

1 Nov

Sup ppl!

This is the second day ’till the water reach my front gate…thanks GOD…that it’s still out…not in


For this DIY project I dedicated to the earrings lover!

1. Buttons (any kinds, any shapes, any colors)
2. Glitter (you can buy it @ the craft store near you)
3. Studs for the earrings
4. Glue (I use TOA)
5. Glaze for coating (I use Sculpey)
6. Brush for gluing & coating part
7. Glue gun

**Don’t forget to use a recycle paper to use as a mat.**

Put glue all over the front part of the button.

Gently add the glitter to the buttons.

After leave it for a few minute. Make sure it perfectly dry and just gently tap the excess out.

Then put some glaze on so when you use it, the glitter will not come off easily.

Wolla!!! This is my earrings collections ^^. If you guy try it, don’t forget to send me some pics ok? I really can’t wait to see your outcome.