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Gemini Girl…Two sides of me

7 Nov

Howdy ppl,

Today is such a beautiful day ^^ even the whole flood thing try to drive me crazy…from the fact that I can’t leave my house for a month…That can make people insane, u know? but “que sera ser, whatever will be will be…”. So even my house was sunk, I will still blogging. This is how all the Geminians can adapt themselves to the world.

Like someone once said “There are always two sides to every story” it can be so true about the gemini girls. I’m asian and All the asian people are so related to the astrology myth. We are born with it. I’m the one that so “in” to this thing. I’ve to check my horoscope every morning from my tarot app…that I can say it is “accurate” in the app store these day.

and even check the weekly horoscope from the accurate fortune teller in the internet (I also love to check my next year fortune from the fortune teller at the charity that was held every December at the Police Hospital (If you choose the accurate source, it can be more high possibility that your horoscope can came true). You can say that I’m so addicted to it. But like I said before…I’ve two sides ‘coz I still believe & depend on myself. I always believe in fate. I know when I put my heart in to something, it’ll success.

They said the gemini as known as a “mutable sign” that’s RIGHT! I change like all the time (emotion, behavior, decision etc.)…I’m kind of the multitasking girl…like to do two or three things at the same time such as while I’m blogging, I still play game & chat with friends on my iphone.

My sign said “…an easy ability to adapt to the demands of the environment” It’s so true. I really don’t like to speak in public when I saw a lot of people I got like choking & shaking at the same time like I’m going to die but about last year I was invited to be a MC at some party, a hundred people were there and I’ve to be on the stage, talking in front of them and even have to ask them to play a game =”=…but you know what, I done GREAT! absolutely perfect! I feel like I’m a camelion right now LOL.

These are some of my cloths. The characteristics of my sign are reflected on me, my personality, my blog etc. You can see that I have two difference type of cloths. One day I want to look girly so I put the dress & heel on, the next day I want to look like a boy so I put a tank or a t-shirt on with a jean and a sneaker.

For my blog you can see from my logo, I use a rough fonts & background but I still put a sweet & cute thing such as a cupcake, a bracelet and some photos. These are related to my blog name “pretty little thing…called life” Life is not that pretty, not that easy, It’s hard, tough but we can get though it if we think positive.

This is like I have a separate life or something…

This is where is my creativity begins! all the ideas, thoughts, imagination but in the other world I’m a…GEEK…

Books all over the floor & some empty space to full fill with ton of books.

Gemini :  brotherhood, communicativeness, slyness, shallow laughter, detachedness, agility, dexterity, impertinence, adaptability, talkativeness, apparent inconsistency.

Yeah! This is me…The gemini girl.

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