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Going out & about on Father’s Day

5 Dec


Today is a special day! Coz’ it’s a Father’s Day but why Father’s day is so special? This is not just an ordinary father&son/daughter day but still also our beloved king’s birthday. The Celebration for His Majesty the King of Thailand 84th Birthday this year is such an incredible event but not exactly the same like the other years ‘coz of the flood crisis. A lot of people still suffering from the after flood crisis so this year event seems like a good opportunity to gain the good spirit back to all Thai people. As for me I always wish my beloved king a great blessing every year for healthy & happy :).

I don’t have a gift for my dad ‘coz the best gift I can give him is to be a good daughter & make him less worried! I have plan with my sis to go out to shopping! (We spent a lot of time @home with family anyway) but I also plan catch up with my sassy BFF as well.

Anyway the Shopping Center was almost like it gonna BLASTED! So crowded but this is what I missed the most!, a chaos. Life without chaos…IS NOT FUN @ALL. So we went to PARAGON and went straight to MANGO shop, the sales still going on but all the stuff still pile up @the shelves. I didn’t see thing that I shout at me “GRAB ME!” so nothing interesting for then my BFF called (Gosh! she’s a life saver…I almost got myself killed in there.) So I dished my sis 😉 (for a little while) to went to meet with my BFF. We talked for a while, took some pics & then she went home. When I caught up with my sis, I also spotted the shopping bag from MANGO! I couldn’t believe she can actually find an interesting stuff there!

Top : Jaspal white lace blouse
Bottom : Sicka 19 jean
Shoes : Brown Oxford Shoes
Bag : LV Speedy 30 Damier

w/ my BFF “Putty”

Christmas is coming!

An artist painted the display window of LOFT store
with bunch of magic color pens!

The display in front of PARAGON shopping mall.

Give him a KISSSS…Muahhh! ❤

LOL! This is hilarious. I spotted him standing next to the entrance.
Not everyday we can met the ninja right?!

Just before she went home. Jacob is our fave!

A beggar dog that I met on the flyover on the way to Central World (shopping mall)
I felt sorry for him >_<. He looks pitiful & weak.

Our next stop is a Japanese food festival @Isetan

but…this also became our disappointment! Not much food as we expected (Damn!) ALL I can see was just a fresh food & not much japanese dessert! so ashamed. After long walk of shopping, My sis & I can really pulled off the legs and hang around the neck.

Anyway we ended up @Saboten (Japanese Restaurant), I never ate at this restaurant before but I spotted a super long queue in front of the shop! I mean…seriously! If I was that hungry, I can ate that fake food in the display window! My decision was…WAIT! I really want to know is it worth waiting or not.

After 30 minutes passed…We can managed to get in! but we order the food at the front desk already so we didn’t have to waste more time to wait for the food at the table. The appetizer was…(drum roll please!)…a bowl of slice cabbage!

with sesame dressing. YUMMY!

LOL! the waitress said “you can get a refill” How’s NICE! but…we actually got a refill ‘coz we were super hungry and ate the whole cabbage less then 1 minute!

Finally, Our order came…eventually!

Salmon Korokke, asparagus rolled with ham&cheese korokke and crab croquette.

The special menu…Oyster Korokke!

After we were full…I could say “This is worth waiting for…if you are really in to the Korokke” The Korokke is crispy, the taste of the pork is juicy & soft. Even you keep it in the frige, It still taste good in the next day.

oh! All the customers can get a free dessert “Milk Ice cream”

I bought an oyster korokke take home for my parent 🙂

Hope you guyz have a nice day.