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Foodilicious – All the love for pastry

8 Nov


This is the second weeks that I was stuck in my house. I try to think positive as possible that I was on vacation on my private island…except the fact that the water around my house is getting stinky & putrid (yike >.<)

Anyway I’m the person who love to cook but most of all I love to make a dessert. All the pastry is my personal obsession. I love the smell of vanilla & the sweetness of its taste. According that I was stuck here and we’ll have to save all the food for the entire family till the next month so I have to come up with something that easy to make…that is…

It’s the easiest pie ever! just crush the biscuits, mix with butter, bake for a few minute. For the cream cheese : mix cream cheese with lime & sweetened condensed milk when you got a really nice creamy texture, pour in on the crushed biscuit & put some fruit or whatever you like on top…wolla ^^ but Don’t forget to exercise though!

If you love food, I’ll recommend you these apps :

  1. Picdish : For the food lover to share their interest & passion with people all over the world.
  2. Foodspotting : Be like a small Michelin guide book for the restaurant near by. Except you are the one who gave the star!
  3. Wongnai (Thai Only) : App for thai people to help add suggestion about the restaurant in Thailand and now they have such a cute campaign called “Evacuee Wongnai” for the people who have to evacuate from the flood crisis area to the country side. I like the idea ^^.
And for the cute cooking game I like “Cooking Mama” & “Animal Bakery”
Talking about my passionate about cooking. This thing is also inspired me in some other way…
These are my two cute pastry dress! I got it from the market fair (JJ2, Kaset Uni. market)
From the top left : cute little cake set (earrings & necklace) I got from the market fair as well, All that dessert key holders (from gachapon booth at the shopping mall), Hello kitty ice cream parfait (It’s a pen actually) and cute pink pastry mug that I got from Harrods about three years ago!
Hope you guys got the inspiration from all these sweets like I have and you will know…Life is so SWEET!

#2 DIY Project : Earrings Lover

1 Nov

Sup ppl!

This is the second day ’till the water reach my front gate…thanks GOD…that it’s still out…not in


For this DIY project I dedicated to the earrings lover!

1. Buttons (any kinds, any shapes, any colors)
2. Glitter (you can buy it @ the craft store near you)
3. Studs for the earrings
4. Glue (I use TOA)
5. Glaze for coating (I use Sculpey)
6. Brush for gluing & coating part
7. Glue gun

**Don’t forget to use a recycle paper to use as a mat.**

Put glue all over the front part of the button.

Gently add the glitter to the buttons.

After leave it for a few minute. Make sure it perfectly dry and just gently tap the excess out.

Then put some glaze on so when you use it, the glitter will not come off easily.

Wolla!!! This is my earrings collections ^^. If you guy try it, don’t forget to send me some pics ok? I really can’t wait to see your outcome.


#1 DIY Project : One shoulder top

31 Oct

Happy Halloween PPL!

As for me…Finally the ghost spirit of Halloween just came to my front gate this morning.

This flooding situation almost cover most of the area of Thailand now and finally, It’s reached my front gate. Almost thousand people lost their home right now so this is not the worst! PRAY FOR THAILAND!…

According to this situation…I’m proudly present this must-have of the flooding season is…

The Boot

These would keep your foot out of the dirty disgusting water.

But Flooding didn’t keep my inspiration & an imagination out so that’s why I came across to this project.

This project was inspired by P.S.- I made this… and it took me at least 30 minute to finished the job! so easy & nice outcome ^^. I was wearing this T-Shirt since I was in college & I decided to throw it away but since I read P.S.-I made this…blog, I change my mind & change it to a wonderful outfit!

I use black lace instead of the remain fabric.

 I highly recommend to you guyz who love to craft ^^. It’s so much fun!