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Happy Black Friday ; Happy LBD

26 Nov


Even Black Friday passed but all the shopping still continued ‘coz the festive not over yet. We still have Christmas eve & New Year to come! So hold on to your wallet tight!

This is like a month now that I was stuck @home ‘coz of the flood crisis. Today the water start to dried out and that’s a good sign! I might actually can go to work by next week but we still have to wait & see.

In Thailand, we don’t have Black Friday so best thing I can do was shopping on the internet but I’m kind of enjoy it. About couple years ago I went to London & went on shopping on the Boxing Day…It’s CRAZY! I can imagine myself on the boxing ring! It’s super crazy, crowded in every store.

Talking about something black…I can ensure you that in every closet, the dress must have…is LBD (Little Black Dress) Not just the shopping spree that still coming but also the party. So if you can’t figure it out what to wear…just put your LBD on!

I love all the dress I own, can’t decide which one is my fave LBD!

Have fun,



#3 App Review Monday : Fashion is all around

21 Nov


What was the thing that you just did recently? watching tv., reading books, reading magazine? All I said is most of the things that I do. At these days “TECH” is all around us. We can do most of the things on the phone! Isn’t that GREAT! We don’t even have to go to the book store or keep watching the fashion shows on the tv. anymore ‘coz we have all the apps that can provided you, right there in your hand.

  1. Fashionfreax : Carried fashion in your hand! with all the hot street style looks. This is the first fashion app on my iphone. you can also check their web @ http://www.fashionfreax.net
  2. Fashiolista : Another fashion app. All most every stuff you ever dream of…is here! Shared the cute little thing you like with others. Found the stuff in the net that you like? just click & shared with the world. you can also check their web @ http://www.fashiolista.com/
  3. Trendstop : Why wasting your time try to catch up with the fashion trend from all the runway that you practically can’t keep up? The best way is…make it STOP! right here…in your hand. You can see the new runway collection from your beloved designer. you can also check their web @ http://www.trendstop.com/
  4. Stulio : Another snap style app. Mostly from japan. So this is the best way that you can check out the Asian style. you can also check their facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/stuliophoto
  5. Stylish Girl : Keep your enemy close but keep your closet closer! This app is like a swiss knife for me! Keep tracking my clothes, my wish list, what to wear day by day, thing to go along with my vacation and so much more!

Have fun girl! 😉

Wearing the dots

17 Nov

Hello my lovely reader 🙂

Today is another day of sweet & happy morning.

So I decided to made Shibuya Honey Toast for my sweet morning 🙂

As for the topic of today’s post, the dots have become something to us more than the fashion…first thing about the dots is :

I luv “101 dalmatians”! Who’s not gonna fell in love with all these puppies?

And the second thing is :

Steve Jobs

Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.
So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

see how the dots connect to us all and that’s why we have to…wear the dots!

Now the dots just connect your life to fashion thought this F/W11, keep wearing it you might find something interesting to connect to…something special 😉


My make-up keeper

The big mushroom is a lamp, the other one with a mustache that I called him “Mr. Mushroom” is an incense stand when you light the incense and put it inside after a while the smoke will coming out of the little chimney likes someone was home ^^ cute uh! I got him from Scotland. Next is the cute little pooh key chain & my hand made mushroom necklace ^^.

Enjoy wearing the dots everyone!